Month: December 2015

Quixel Suite 2.0

The Quixel Suite 2.o was made available recently; after the release of 2.0.2 version, which I found to be more stable,  I decided to texture a small prop asset.


This hourglass is one of the assets in Gomez Addams’ office. Its texture resolution right now is 1024 x 1024 but may need to be adjusted to 512 x 512 in the final version. Input maps include albedo/basecolor, roughness & normal. A separate material was assigned to the glass via material ID in UE4, like I previously did  for the window panes during whiteboxing.

To model, unwrap and texture this asset probably took around 5 hours, however it would have taken me far less time if I hadn’t run into issues/bugs with the Quixel Suite. I am still planning to use the programs to texture many of my assets along with Substance Designer & Painter.  I think I will need to wait for a more stable/fixed version of the Quixel Suite as it’s a little unpredictable right now on my PC. For example, UE4 wouldn’t import some .tga files created by it, even when all the map inputs were saved at the same time and others worked fine.