Finish Whitebox And Lighting Pass

As I have been busy working on modeling assets for the environment due to the delay caused  my Christmas I forgot to post screenshots my finished whitebox in UE4 with its initial lighting pass.

White box lighting test hallway 5White box lighting test hallway fester viewWhite box lighting test hallway 4White box lighting test hallway 2White box lighting test hallway 1White box lighting test hallway 3

These are some screenshots of the whiteboxed hallway with an initial lighting pass.

White box lighting test office 1White box lighting test office 2White box lighting test office 6White box lighting test office 5White box lighting test office 3White box lighting test office swordfight viewWhite box lighting test office 4

Above are some screenshots of the final whitebox of Gomez Addams’ office with an initial lighting pass.I know that the lighting is too bright at the moment but it is just to give me some rough ideas.

For the environment that is visible outside of the windows of the Addams Family home I will be creating a simple terrain to look like a hill, possibly a fence and my own skybox. This skybox will be made to look like the type of sky that is visible on a cloudy winter’s day as I think it will compliment the Addams Family Home the most and allow me to use the house’s light fixtures to light the house unnaturally. I would have loved to have set the house to nighttime scene during a thunderstorm but I think that it too ambitious now, I may however do that on my own time once this project has concluded. Whilst I like the idea of having beams of light streaming through the windows I fell this may conflict with the gloomy nature of the Addams’ home.




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