Hard Decisions and Culled Areas

Work has been going well and I will post some more screenshots in next few days. However, I have come to the difficult conclusion to cull the entrance hall and by extension the porch as it directly linked to it, for time constraint reasons. This was a very hard decision to make and has taken me over week to do so but I realised that changes in scope is only natural in a project like this. Ultimately, I would rather my project be polished and have assets that more accurately show the quality of my work then to continue to try to finish everything I had initially proposed and for it too look sub-par. Quality not quantity is the most important aspect of this project and portfolio pieces. This is something that that has only been reaffirmed by my teachers, guest speakers at my university and GDC talks such as “Killer Portfolio” (http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1022096/Killer-Portfolio-or-Portfolio-Killer)

I chose to keep the hallway and Gomez’s office, rather then the entrance hall or porch, as they have the highest number of non-structural assets and have the largest number of assets that are complex or require unique materials/shaders e.g  bear skin rug’s which require both a fur shader and for it to be sculpted in Mudbox.After the culling of the two rooms my asset list has dropped from 153 assets total to 97. Around 30 of the now culled assets were just structural pieces such as doors/walls/windows. I can now focus on creating the best materials, models and lighting for my environment. That being said, after I have finished this project  I will take a short break and come back to the culled areas in order to finish them, especially since they have already been whiteboxed. This will of course not count towards my grade for this module but I ultimately what to finish the project I started and I feel that entrance hallway would still be a wonderful portfolio piece once finished to a high standard.



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