Substance Designer 5

Over the past few days I’ve been learning/playing around in Substance Designer 5. After following Allegorithmic’s  various video tutorials and inductions I created my own floor texture/substance for my environment. I will now also use this floor texture (minus the wood panels) as a texture base for the various other wooden features that make up the structural assets in my scene. I did originally create floor texture in Quixel Suite 2 however I wasn’t happy with the results so I remade it in Substance Designer 5. I also deiced to increase the floor texture to have a 2048 x 2048  resolution due to large nature. The floor was far too blurry at a 1024 x 1024 resolution and I lost a lot of the details I had put into the substance/texture. This was also the case for the Quixel version of the texture.

Substance Designer 5 Oak Floor Texture

Here’s the 3ds preview of the wooden floor texture I created in Substance Designer 5.


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