Animex Week

This week at my university is Animex: International Festival of Animation and Computer Games. During this week I’m volunteering as a helping so I’m not able to do as much work however I will update this blog later in the week with my work.


Substance Designer 5

Over the past few days I’ve been learning/playing around in Substance Designer 5. After following Allegorithmic’s  various video tutorials and inductions I created my own floor texture/substance for my environment. I will now also use this floor texture (minus the wood panels) as a texture base for the various other wooden features that make up the structural assets in my scene. I did originally create floor texture in Quixel Suite 2 however I wasn’t happy with the results so I remade it in Substance Designer 5. I also deiced to increase the floor texture to have a 2048 x 2048  resolution due to large nature. The floor was far too blurry at a 1024 x 1024 resolution and I lost a lot of the details I had put into the substance/texture. This was also the case for the Quixel version of the texture.

Substance Designer 5 Oak Floor Texture

Here’s the 3ds preview of the wooden floor texture I created in Substance Designer 5.

Hard Decisions and Culled Areas

Work has been going well and I will post some more screenshots in next few days. However, I have come to the difficult conclusion to cull the entrance hall and by extension the porch as it directly linked to it, for time constraint reasons. This was a very hard decision to make and has taken me over week to do so but I realised that changes in scope is only natural in a project like this. Ultimately, I would rather my project be polished and have assets that more accurately show the quality of my work then to continue to try to finish everything I had initially proposed and for it too look sub-par. Quality not quantity is the most important aspect of this project and portfolio pieces. This is something that that has only been reaffirmed by my teachers, guest speakers at my university and GDC talks such as “Killer Portfolio” (http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1022096/Killer-Portfolio-or-Portfolio-Killer)

I chose to keep the hallway and Gomez’s office, rather then the entrance hall or porch, as they have the highest number of non-structural assets and have the largest number of assets that are complex or require unique materials/shaders e.g  bear skin rug’s which require both a fur shader and for it to be sculpted in Mudbox.After the culling of the two rooms my asset list has dropped from 153 assets total to 97. Around 30 of the now culled assets were just structural pieces such as doors/walls/windows. I can now focus on creating the best materials, models and lighting for my environment. That being said, after I have finished this project  I will take a short break and come back to the culled areas in order to finish them, especially since they have already been whiteboxed. This will of course not count towards my grade for this module but I ultimately what to finish the project I started and I feel that entrance hallway would still be a wonderful portfolio piece once finished to a high standard.


Finish Whitebox And Lighting Pass

As I have been busy working on modeling assets for the environment due to the delay caused  my Christmas I forgot to post screenshots my finished whitebox in UE4 with its initial lighting pass.

White box lighting test hallway 5White box lighting test hallway fester viewWhite box lighting test hallway 4White box lighting test hallway 2White box lighting test hallway 1White box lighting test hallway 3

These are some screenshots of the whiteboxed hallway with an initial lighting pass.

White box lighting test office 1White box lighting test office 2White box lighting test office 6White box lighting test office 5White box lighting test office 3White box lighting test office swordfight viewWhite box lighting test office 4

Above are some screenshots of the final whitebox of Gomez Addams’ office with an initial lighting pass.I know that the lighting is too bright at the moment but it is just to give me some rough ideas.

For the environment that is visible outside of the windows of the Addams Family home I will be creating a simple terrain to look like a hill, possibly a fence and my own skybox. This skybox will be made to look like the type of sky that is visible on a cloudy winter’s day as I think it will compliment the Addams Family Home the most and allow me to use the house’s light fixtures to light the house unnaturally. I would have loved to have set the house to nighttime scene during a thunderstorm but I think that it too ambitious now, I may however do that on my own time once this project has concluded. Whilst I like the idea of having beams of light streaming through the windows I fell this may conflict with the gloomy nature of the Addams’ home.



Lack of updates

Currently after the first week of my  return to university I haven’t made much new progress on this project, this is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, my laptop at home which I expected to be able to use to run some software to model and paint digitally proved too unreliable to use. Naturally, this naturally led to my work grinding for a halt over the holiday period so I spent my time researching Quixel Suite, Substance Designer and UE4 via video tutorials and their online documentation.

Secondly, I was ill at the start of last week and I did not recover until about the Thursday.

Finally I lost a few days a work due to an issue with my hardrive when I plugged it into my laptop. Luckily I had backups of the work but it took me a while to find them on my return due to some bad file organisation on my part which I have now corrected. (3ds Max files were saving to the wrong location on my PC without me knowing.)

Quixel Suite 2.0

The Quixel Suite 2.o was made available recently; after the release of 2.0.2 version, which I found to be more stable,  I decided to texture a small prop asset.


This hourglass is one of the assets in Gomez Addams’ office. Its texture resolution right now is 1024 x 1024 but may need to be adjusted to 512 x 512 in the final version. Input maps include albedo/basecolor, roughness & normal. A separate material was assigned to the glass via material ID in UE4, like I previously did  for the window panes during whiteboxing.

To model, unwrap and texture this asset probably took around 5 hours, however it would have taken me far less time if I hadn’t run into issues/bugs with the Quixel Suite. I am still planning to use the programs to texture many of my assets along with Substance Designer & Painter.  I think I will need to wait for a more stable/fixed version of the Quixel Suite as it’s a little unpredictable right now on my PC. For example, UE4 wouldn’t import some .tga files created by it, even when all the map inputs were saved at the same time and others worked fine.